STEP 1: Subscribe to FAITH UNION

As soon as you subscribe you’ll get instant access to our Member Benefits, and your free Faith Union Mastercard© will be mailed to you. So you can start saving and earning money immediately, and as soon as your Mastercard© arrives, you can take control over your paychecks, your budget, and you spending!

STEP 2: Save Money, Earn Money

Be sure to activate and use the Benefits that apply to your life, because otherwise you could be missing out on money saving and earning opportunities! With your Active Subscription, you can start saving and earning money today. Go here to activate your Member Benefits.

STEP 3: Invest in Your Future

Use your Member Benefits. Use your Faith Card to setup direct deposit at your job and track your spending. Take the money you’re saving and earning with your Member Benefits and invest it in yourself so you can invest in your family.

STEP 4: Start Your Own Small Business

Starting your own home business is possible with Faith Union. You can become a Viv Affiliate this week. Get paid while helping others save on their monthly expenses, take advantage of all the available tax benefits for home businesses, and most importantly, create a new income stream. And of course, we’re here to show you how and help you along the way!

STEP 5: Commit to Learning about Finance and Financial Markets

The only real barriers to your financial freedom are knowledge and access. And with your Faith Union Membership, you get both. Online courses so you can learn the fundamentals of finance, and advanced courses on ForEx, the Stock Market, even Crytpo-Currencies. And a second home-based business opportunity to invest and grow your money with Kuvera Global. Class is in session 24/7 at FAITH UNION.

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