COVID-19 Stimulus Benefits Package

You get our COVID-19 Stimulus Benefits Package when you sign up for a FAITH UNION Membership
As an added benefit we offer the FAITH UNION Prepaid MASTERCARD
At no cost! And no enrollment fee!

It’s easy: You pay us $9.99 a month
and we save you at least $200 a month.
Sound good?

  • Lower Your Bills

    Lower Your Bills

    You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.
  • Shop Now, Pay Later

    Shop Now, Pay Later

    0% interest/6 months to pay for emergency/ unexpected expenses
  • 0% Payday Loans

    0% Payday Loans

    You worked today. Get paid today.
  • Travel, Entertainment, and Dining Discounts

    Travel, Entertainment, and Dining Discounts

    Discounts at 57,000 restaurants across the USA
  • Relationship Health

    Relationship Health

    Build faithful, long-lasting relationships
  • Student Debt Relief

    Student Debt Relief

    Cut your student loan by up to 40%
  • Get Paid to Exercise

    Get Paid to Exercise

    Get paid CASH for exercising (LAUNCH DELAYED DUE TO COVID-19)
  • Instant Cash Back Shopping

    Instant Cash Back Shopping

    Average 6% instant cash-back shopping
  • Debt Reduction + Financial Planning

    Debt Reduction + Financial Planning

    Financial Education Program
  • Social Anxiety Relief

    Social Anxiety Relief

    Learn how to beat stress & anxiety
  • Smart Medication Manager

    Smart Medication Manager

    Resolve medication administration issues for seniors. Take the right amount at the right time.

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